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 Become fully embodied, present and real. Feel the tender places that we would rather run away from. Witness and embrace PSYCHE, SOMA, & SPIRIT..

This is Embodied Healing.

In embodied healing through the PSYCHE we may explore different modalities. 


 HAKOMI - is an hopi Indian word meaning, "How do I stand in relations to these many realms?" Here we unwind the layers of core beliefs and barriers to nourishment and love.

INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS - is an intrapsychic approach to accessing the sub personalities that live within us all, parts that help us, our inner critics, as well as our inner child all live here. 

Image depicting a snake uncoiling around a person, evoking the awakening of their inner psyche, a glow of light emanates

"The essence of trauma is the

disconnection of the self."

                         - Peter Levine

In embodied healing through

the SOMA we explore

different somatic modalities.



is a body based practice using

interventions in this approach

helps untangle trauma held

in the implicit patterns within

the nervous system.


Mixes breath, movement, sound,

meditation and the somatics of touch. 


helps us shake off trauma by

accessing the bodies organic

ability to healing through finding a NEUROGENIC TREMOR. 

Powerful image of a wolf emerging from within a person, symbolizing the awakening to inner soma or body consciousness.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will

destroy you."

                                              - Gospel of Thomas

In the realm of SPIRIT we dive into altered states of MEDITATION and JOURNEYING. Meditative DRAWING and ENERGY WORK.

Weaving together a deeper understanding of PSYCHE, SOMA and SPIRIT.

Translucent figure with light shining out of their eyes, illuminating their inner spiritual world


“I feel to encapsulate the deep ritual space that Perrin created feels beyond words, and yet was such a tender human regulating resource for me in my life.  So much Heart coupled with a primary holding and sense of safety that I sense can only come from one whom has journeyed deep herself, whom knows herself well, and brings that humility and deep listening into the work. I am truly grateful.  After 30+years of therapy and bodywork, Perrin has offered me an embodied sense of safety that has resonated through my body and into my life enabling deep healing.  She combines her own lived experience with a depth and breadth of learning. This combination offers so many possible resources and pathways and creates a transformative relational medium that is both responsive and alive”


- Karen Abbey

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