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Parts Mapping • Guides • Family Constellations

These are other ways to work with the nervous system, release trauma,

and to become more connected with our essential self.

Many Parts, One Self

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed parts and body mapping helps us unblend from the many sub-personalities that live inside us. Parts like: our manager parts, critical parts, helper parts, wounded parts and it also helps us come into deeper contact with our core self that is sometimes seemingly hidden yet is never truly lost. 


Our Inner Guides

The healing power of truly living a self-led life doesn't mean that we must abandon our parts, it simply means we compassionately witness them and allow them to live better lives unburdened from the past, while holding the courage to see their good intent for us in this life. When we live in this way we are truly guided from within, and we can begin to see more clearly our guides lighting the way through the unknown.

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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is an approach that helps us uncover the dynamics within a family system it may reveal deep, unconscious patterns that can be affecting our daily lives, and personal relationships.

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