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Somatic Parts

Oracle Cards


Embodied Healing

Oracle Deck And Guidebook

Gain access to the depths of your soma and inner parts through the illuminating guidance of the Embodied Healing Oracle Deck. Develop your personal practice with your own oracle deck. 



The guidebook serves as a portal to access your inner Self, connect with your body "soma", and delve into the intricate landscape of your parts. It's not just a guide; it's a transformative journey where you are both the explorer and the cartographer, navigating the depths of your internal world. Whether you engage with this deck daily, use it for meditation, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, remember: the ultimate oracle resides within you. These cards act as reflections, revealing the boundless wisdom, emotions, and sensations that lie within. The guidebook offers card spreads and open-ended questions designed to unlock deeper realms of understanding and insight.



Bespoke Cards

The cards are a compass crafted to guide you inward, to the sacred chambers of your emotions, the intricate dance of your internal parts, and the subtle rhythms of your body's sensations. This deck emerges not from a desire to prescribe meanings but from an intent to provoke, inspire, and awaken. Every card you'll encounter in this deck is a collage of emotions, sensations, and soulful elements, carefully curated to resonate with a spectrum of feelings and states of being. But rather than provide you with fixed interpretations, this deck encourages a personal exploration.

Guided Meditations

Inspired by Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems 

 New to exploring Parts work and Somatic Experiencing? Use these free oracle card meditations as tools to assist you as you embark on this inner journey of the soul. Map out your parts, Learn about pendulation and titration, explore polarizations and more.

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Personal Oracle Card Readings

When you purchase a deck receive a fully guided IFS session with your new cards for only $50

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