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"Until you make the unconscious
conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate." 
                C.G. Jung


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The Map Maker

Each of us houses an inner child, one compelled

to understand and make sense of our world. These delicate parts of us assume the role of cartographers, plotting our life's course with the intention of shielding

us from recurring pain. However, as we mature, these intricately drawn maps transform into masks.

These serve as our protective barriers, the personas

we adopt between ourselves and the world. And at times, these shields block more than intended, often denying even the faintest beam of love and nourishment from seeping in.

While unperceived by us, our inner child persistently orchestrates our lives, believing it knows best. As a result, we often disconnect from our authentic selves

and bear the harsh outcomes of this disconnection.

These severances can run so deep that they evolve into what we often refer to as traumas—profound emotional scars carved by experiences that were too swift, too intense, or occurred prematurely. Much like our inner child, trauma too craves compassion to foster healing and growth.

Regardless of the route we choose to engage in this profound inner child work, at its heart lies a necessary pivot towards embracing whatever we discover within ourselves. It demands that we meet our innermost experiences with an outpouring of love and compassion. As we embark on this journey, we begin drafting a new map, a guide towards a healthier, more conscious self.

The Visionary

To truly be a visionary on the path to healing it requires transformational work. This can beckon us to reach new depths and witness long forgotten memories that hold energetic wounds. 

This type of transformational work is often layered with different modalities and is best completed over a few sessions, allowing oneself to deepen into different issues and themes in ones life.


Sessions may focus on one or two modalities but are often most powerful when given the space to be fully bespoke and intuitive.

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