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When trauma occurs it gets stuck in the body and patterns begin to take up residence in these hidden places. When we learn to use movement and breath we can begin to move the long held patterns of trauma from the nervous system and truly begin to find our way home. Somatic Drawing; also known as Guided Drawing is a bilateral hand drawing and painting practice done with your eyes closed. 

Finding Deeper Meaning

The magic of Somatic Drawing has roots in the rich archetypal vision of Carl Jung. We explore the divine feminine and masculine through rhythm and flow, shape and color, paint, chalk, and clay diving deeper into the meaning that lies within. 

Defining The Lines

When we begin we usually start with pastels. These help us mark out the lines and take up space. We find our inner voice, and our felt sense, these boundaries help us truly find our "NO" so we can find our YES!


Embodying The Circles

Using paint we often meet our self in a deeper way. Full contact with the paper helps us ground and find our inner flow. 


Somatic Drawing requires a couple things. You need big sheets of paper, tape, pastel charcoals, crayons, and finger paints. If you're interested in focusing a session around Somatic Drawing I can send links to materials you'll need to have on hand.

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