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About Perrin

I have always been a seeker, growing up the inner world always intrigued me. My spirit friends where my best friends, and dreaming up art projects and finding new ways to inspire others is how I found myself. Meditation was a natural ally for me and gave me glimpses into another way of being; and it all started with healing and embodiment. Cultivating my intuitive skills through this journey has helped me integrate many of the tools I practice today, which is why I also offer intuitive readings along side this work. 

The Journey Turns Into Vision

That being said I grew up with a lot of depression and at a certain point crippling anxiety that took me years to overcome. When I was 20 I decided to live in an old VW bus, camp in the woods and hopefully find God. But, many of those hopes came crushing down when I realized just how hard it was to simply be alone with my thoughts, so I made the commitment to study Buddhism. I found a group of Buddhist Monks and lived and studied mediation with them for a few years in CA.  With them I was able to dive deeply into the solitary aspects of the monastic life. My interest into the contemplative drove me into a year long solitary mediation retreat at a nearby hermitage. There I studied Dzogchen meditation under the guidance of my teacher, Anam Thubten.  The long days communing with nature allowed me to focus on my spiritual practice, and deepen my connection with spirit and the subtle body. This led to my expansion and training into the realms of psyche, soma, and spirit.

This journey turned to vision when I started training at the intersection of trauma and spirituality. Blending Intuitive energetic practices, Mediation, Somatic practices, touch work, trauma release, inner child work, and art. It was over 20 years ago that I lived with the monks in the redwoods of CA, but that seeking for truth remains a running theme in my life. Hearing the call again I moved to Kauai, in 2020 where I currently live as an artist and psyche, soma, and spirit guide.

Trainings Include:

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, 2022

Hakomi Practitioner, 2022

IFS Informed Practitioner - Stepping Stones, 2022

Kathy Kain Touch Work Practitioner, 2021- 2023

Biodynamic BreathWork Practitioner, 2022

Trauma and Tension Releasing (TRE) Practitioner, 2022

Family Constellations Practitioner, 2022

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Certification - Cheri Clampett, 2021

Qigong and Energy Work Certification - Dr. Chow, 2018

Meditation Teacher Training - Anam Thubten, 2001- last training concluded in 2021

YogaAlign Posture Educator Teacher Training, 2023

Other studies include: Steve Terrell (TEB), Neuroaffective Touch, DARE, Compassionate Inquiry 

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